ABC Provides a Fully Equipped Medical Unit with a Resident Doctor and Staff

When the new Administration Building was designed, completed late last year, that contains many new features for the company and its employees, including a full-service restaurant, additional offices, and a locker room, so that all staff have access to security for their belongings, a key component in the design was to provide a fully equipped Medical Facility with a full time Doctor and staff.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, said today “we have always placed safety for all our employees, and we monitor closely; as a key priority. Safety is so important; but in addition, we wanted to have a Medical Unit on-site, not just for an unlikely Emergency, but as a real resource in a more general sense; and now we have achieved this; and furthermore, to ensure the wellness of everyone at ABC, our Resident Doctor attends to all routine needs, such as flu shots, and the particular health questions that may be of concern to any of our greatly valued employees.

We are very pleased to have been able to establish this Medical Facility and Clinic”.

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