ABC Makes Further Advances in Progressing the Goal of Minimizing Its Carbon Footprint and Impact on the Environment

Super Green Aluminum

The Environment, as well as Safety, are embedded in every action ABC
takes. It has always been that way during Wadih Kuri’s stewardship of
the company’s operations and growth.

Through the years, and with every new investment, ABC has always
spent more and whatever is necessary to protect the environment and
its employees’ wellbeing and safety.

In recent years, greater resources via specialists in the field are
available, enabling detailed and effective analysis, qualification, and
quantification, of a company’s full impact upon the society it operates

In 2020, ABC engaged Swiss-based South Pole, a world-class
environmental consulting firm, to undertake a critical review of every
aspect of ABC’s operations. Their assignment was two-fold:

1) To measure ABC’s carbon footprint and

2) To document operating procedures in the form of a company-wide plan designed to minimize
and where possible improve ABC’s Carbon Footprint.

The good news is that numbers recently received reveal a significant
reduction in ABC’s carbon footprint in 2021 compared with 2020.
The following chart has the number comparison year on year.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, speaking today said “These are very
encouraging results as we, as a matter of priority, pursue our Super
Green initiative. Furthermore, in October we expect to receive a
comprehensive analysis report from South Pole that will include setting
out a complete plan, with procedures to follow, and goals to meet.

Of course, this is an ongoing challenge, but a worthy and important one; it
is great to see the progress we are achieving. I thank everyone for
playing their part”.

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