ABC Makes a Significant Contribution Towards CANACINTRA, Tijuana, Mexico’s Chamber for the Growth of Industry

Wadih Kuri has been keenly involved with the Chamber since being invited two years ago to be Vice President.

Mr, Kuri said today “As one of the major employers in the Tijuana and Northern Baja Region, it is increasingly important to contribute time, knowledge, and financial resources, to support and grow a Chamber that is proactive and has the accommodations and facilities required for success.

As a Chamber, we are already involved with spurring business and relationship-building activity within Tijuana, and between Tijuana and the Greater San Diego region, as well as economic activity. Our goal for 2019 is to see this interaction and the Chamber’s benefits to the business community, advance substantially.

I, and ABC Aluminum, are pleased that we have been able to make a significant contribution towards CANACINTRA’s remodel including the addition of needed and practical resources, and the Chamber’s growth objectives and value”.

Apart from being a forum and center from which business leaders can conduct meetings and hold seminars and educational forums, there are to be regular networking events, the first of which is scheduled for Friday, April 5th.

In addition to an overall remodel and decoration, added facilities include the construction of an auditorium and stage, and a lounge and dining area as an inviting and comfortable gathering place, both of which have multiple uses.

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