ABC Looks Forward to a Dynamic Year Ahead with Growth and Continuous Improvement

Following another record-breaking year in 2018, further growth is already forecast for the year ahead. Now with 1500 employees, organization and systems are ever- more important to ensure that customer service, one of ABC’s strongest values, is not just maintained, but yet-further strengthened.

In addition, emphasis upon efficient manufacturing methods and techniques is at the forefront of a list of priority-objectives for 2019. A comprehensive training schedule for all departments has been introduced, to build still further on the programs already successfully in place.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, in an address to all the staff, explained how an individual’s effort, care and commitment will not just lead to greater customer satisfaction from everything he or she does, but will also make their job that much more rewarding. Mr. Kuri said “we have much to look forward to in the months ahead. These are exciting times. Let’s all do our best; you have my full support, and that of all the management. Thank you”.

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