ABC is now well advanced with its implentation of the Six Sigma 5s standards program – an internationally recognized and acclaimed lean manufacturing tool

5S Standards

The 5S System is based on a Japanese philosophy that promotes order and cleanliness, delivering maximum productivity and finishing with the highest level of quality. The aim of the 5S System is to improve efficiency and safety, and build staff moral along the way. Wasteful clutter is eliminated by deciding what should be kept, where it should be kept and how it should be kept.

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The success of the 5S System relies immensely on the communication and training of all team members with strong visual aids such as color coding, labels, signs and consistent storage locations for tools and supplies being applied throughout the organization.

5S focuses on effective workplace organization and standardized procedures to improve safety, quality, productivity and employee attitudes.

Many of the world’s most successful corporations and organizations that are best known and respected as emblems of efficiency and quality and excellence were pioneers of 5S Standards, and their enthusiastic adoption of these principles has contributed significantly to the reputation they have earned and enjoy today.



Just a few of the companies and organizations that manufacture and operate with 5S Standards
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About 5S

Courtesy of the Kaizen Institute
Courtesy of the Kaizen Institute

ABC’s directors, managers and team representativesfrom each department within the plant meet every Thursday to review progress and determine any changes and adjustments that may be required.

The 5S System was initiated by ABC during 2014, and every one of ABC’s over 650 employees is fully committed to the program; the positive results are now evident throughout the 67 acre plant and in each of the five satellite fabrication and warehousing buildings located within a five mile radius.

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO recently gave his thanks to everyone involved: “As you know, ABC is growing fast and is serving some of the world’s finest companies. I am extremely pleased with the dedication you have all shown to embrace the 5S Program. I see the positive benefits are tangible throughout our company, and I am sure that you are appreciating the improvements to your daily work experience. I am proud of all your efforts that in the short, medium and long term are contributing to ABC’s rise to real prominence as an international company with international clients and international standards. Well done all of you! Please keep up the good work. Thank you”


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