ABC is exhibiting at Tijuana Innovadora between November 3rd and November 10th. This biennial event began in 2010 and has now become a tradition. It features and spotlights the strengths of everything great about Tijuana and the region, and is designed to educate and inspire schoolchildren and students, families and the entire populace about opportunities and successes within their community.

Industry and business, culture and entertainment, cuisine, services and much more are included in the packed program of events. It is designed to touch every aspect of life in the city, and extends and connects also to Mexico as a whole.

innovadora-2016ABC has fully supported Tijuana Innovadora since 2010. This has become a much- anticipated biennial celebration about everything that is special about living and working in Tijuana. This year, the expo will be held at the city’s World Trade Center building.

A full program can be seen by connecting with this link:

Another priority associated with the Tijuana Innovadora concept and mission is to reach across the Border to Southern California. For example, there are many business connections and interests that are shared and actively promoted between Tijuana and San Diego. And for 2016, a shuttle has been organized to assist with transporting visitors from the United States as an invitation for people, young and old, and businesses, to better understand their near neighbor.

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO said today “we are proud to have been a significant supporter of Tijuana Innovadora since the beginning. This was the brainchild of two visionaries in our community, Señor Galicot and Señor Bustamante.

We again extend a warm welcome to employees and their families, and to all the guests and visitors who join in sharing with us this showcase of everything remarkable, and to many, unknown, about the wealth of talent and resources, accomplishments and achievements and opportunities that our great city offers.

We also thank Señor Galicot and all the organizers and hardworking and dedicated staff and volunteers for making 2016’s expo possible”.


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