ABC Is Authorized By The Governor of the State of Baja California To Manufacture at Unrestrained Capacity; Though, Of Course, With Careful and Well-Monitored Health Policies

Designated as a ‘Critical Infrastructure’ manufacturer and supplier by the United States, there has been a ‘grey area’ regarding operations continuing only because although a U.S. company, ABC’s manufacturing facilities are located in Mexico. 

In excess of 90% of production is to the U.S. and Canada, hence the need to navigate a path of adherence to the mandates of both nations because, while being a critical manufacturer for the U.S., the Tijuana region has been gradually coming under ever-greater COVID-19 enforcement.

That uncertainty has been officially removed effective Monday, May 4, 2020 by Order of the Governor of Baja California, the state in which Tijuana and ABC are located.

So, ABC is now 100 percent full steam ahead, with a clear horizon; although, as a matter of common sense, and corporate and civic responsibility, there will continue to be a high degree of control to maintain the safety and protection of every employee and the broader community. De rigueur will be mandatory hand washing, facemasks and gloves, physical separation of two meters enforced in the organization of production and assembly, and other sensible safeguards in every facet of every employee’s working day.

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