ABC is a Major Sponsor of Tijuana’s Chamber for the Transformation of Industry’s Major Calendar Event – the Annual Golf Tournament August 30th 2019

This is the third year for this very well attended event. It takes place at Tijuana’s premier golf course and in the city’s Country Club, right in the heart of this thriving metropolis. Tickets in the past two years have been sold out with maximum numbers of about 150 players and an additional 100 attending for the late afternoon / early evening dinner and presentation ceremony that follows. In addition to a buffet-line with several chef-stations, there will be music and a live entertainer to complete an action-packed day.

It has already become what amounts to a tradition at such events to present multiple prizes and awards. This will be an integral part of the proceedings. In addition, to add a sense of fun, and possibility, there is a USD500 prize per hole for the person judged to have the best approach, and even a car for a hole-in-one.

The objective is to have an enjoyable game that is relaxed and friendly, the perfect setting for welcoming guests to network with the city’s business leaders. The teams will be arranged so that guests and visitors have an opportunity to play with someone they would especially like to meet.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO of ABC, and the Chamber’s Vice President, said today: “As one of the region’s largest employers, ABC plays a prominent role in many special events, and invests to support business growth not just at home but also in the wider community. We initiate some social programs too. All this is designed to improve the prosperity of Tijuana and quality of life wherever possible for employees, ABC’s local-residents, and the broader community.

The role of Vice President at the Chamber is important to me because we are about growing the footprint and professionalism of industry, especially manufacturing in CANACINTRA’s case, and maximizing opportunities that lead to expansion of economic output and growth, maximizing benefits for Tijuana. 

To achieve this mission, networking is a key element – and this tournament is one of the best vehicles for making valuable connections. We currently have tickets available; so, anyone who is interested, please feel free to contact the Chamber and ask for the Director.

I am looking forward to seeing you all there.”

ABC is proud to be a significant sponsor along with Official Patrons Atisa Industrial and Hacienda Agua Caliente and 65 other sponsors, mainly from Tijuana and San Diego County, at varying levels of contribution – Tijuana truly is a city with a business community that comes together and is going places, in tandem with its important Border-neighbor and similar economic powerhouse with which it partners in many constructive ways, San Diego.

For Tickets and More Information, please Contact:

Within Tijuana and Baja: CANACINTRA Tel: (664) 681 6101

From outside Mexico: ABC Aluminum Solutions Tel: 619 240 3526

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