ABC Hosts Aluminum Extruders Council with a Visit to ABC’s Manufacturing Plant and Hospitality During the Five Day Visit to San Diego, the Purpose of Which Was to Research and Shortlist Venues for the AEC’s March 2017 Annual Conference

PrintThe directors of ABC Aluminum last week welcomed , AEC’s Conference Organizer and Executive Assistant, to ABC’s manufacturing plant in Santa Fe, just south of Tijuana, Mexico. Lisse was driven to and from the plant, enjoyed lunch with the key management team, and experienced a full tour of ABC’s expanded 67 acre facility.

The tour included ABC’s four press operations, a look at the site under development for a fifth press that is due to be in operation Q1 2016, ABC’s extensive CNC and fabrication capabilities, and the vertical and horizontal paint plants, and bright dip and other finishing capabilities, including the Decoral System for wood and decorative finishes. The visit culminated with an in-depth viewing of, and explanation about, ABC’s new $5.6 million Automated Anodizing Plant.

Lisse Jurcenko thanked everyone for their hospitality and commented “I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit; thank you all for a very interesting and detailed insight into ABC’s considerable capabilities. Your entire extrusion, finishing, and fabrication plant, and your ancillary operations” (ABC has five additional facilities in addition to the 67 acre plant) “are altogether very impressive. This has been a special day”.

Then time was spent over the weekend and Monday to provide an orientation of San Diego and outlying neighborhoods, including visits to some additional resort properties, using local knowledge, to complement the several that Lisse had on her prearranged schedule.

Tim Evans, ABC’s Marketing Director, said “it was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to show Lisse not just the plant, but also the local area in San Diego County, as a host and guide, to assist Lisse with her research for the 2017 conference. This was an opportunity to meaningfully develop the relationship that ABC enjoys with Lisse and the AEC. Thank you Lisse”.

And Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, added “Lisse, it was an honor for us to have your company, and receive a visit on behalf of the Aluminum Extruders Council, an organization that we truly appreciate very much. We absolutely recognize, and I am sure that I safely speak on behalf of the other Members of the AEC as well, just how much you contribute to the success of this special organization and how well you orchestrate all the many benefits that Members receive. As for the Conferences, your extreme hard work is recognized by all, and greatly admired. ABC is looking forward to seeing you, and your fellow AEC directors and colleagues, again, at the 2016 Conference in San Antonio. Thank you”.

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