ABC Goes Deeper and Further with Expanding and Integrating Its Super Green Aluminum Philosophy

To achieve maximum sustainability and minimum carbon footprint targets, the strategy for ABC Super Green Aluminum is being taken to an even higher level, with a mission statement of approach that establishes five core principles: 


ABC is taking the lead and investing in processes that are placing the company among those most committed to sustainability even before the requirement for official regulation.


It is always possible to do things better, in a more efficient, scalable, and environmentally friendly. ABC is on this path of improvement, investing, and developing new ways to achieve greater goals.


ABC proves its environmental commitment by making the necessary investments, training personnel, and adapting its facilities to meet the global challenges of sustainability.


ABC aims high to meet and exceed the needs of customers, challenging markets, and growing competition. Our actions and investments reflect a solid vision for the future.


A company that grows in opportunities and recognition, whilst in parallel, is contributing to the development of its environment and the global goals of sustainability; this is ABC’s vision of growth.

This takes still further ABC Super Green Aluminum’s dynamic, and builds upon two other significant environmental initiatives:

A) The commissioning in 2020 of a Swiss firm of internationally recognized consultants, expert in undertaking detailed environmental analysis, the result of which is the production of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). This EIS records the carbon footprint of absolutely every facet of ABC’s operations. 

B) Internally generated action to recycle inputs used in every stage of production, such as water used in the extrusion process, and with ABC’s smelter coming online during 2021, the reuse of all aluminum scrap.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, announcing the launch of ABC’s Super Green Mission Statement, said: “ABC’s policy has always been to invest in technologies that are the most advanced, which minimize waste and pollution, and bring the impact of our manufacturing upon the environment to the least amount possible. 

Now, we are underpinning all these commitments and endeavors with a new ABC Super Green Aluminum campaign.

I greatly appreciate everyone throughout the company playing their part in this important undertaking, guaranteeing that we deliver on our responsibility to do everything humanly possible to have a positive societal impact, and achieve a more sustainable and greener world!

Thank you!

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