ABC Digs Even Deeper with its Culture of Corporate Social Responsibility

ABC’s manufacturing, finishing and fabrication facilities and operations, as well as related activities associated with its business, have increasingly incorporated and applied a deeply felt priority toward conserving the environment. Equally, the exercising of  consideration to its neighbors and workforce, and curbing waste and inefficiency in the use of resources.

This thinking and these core values have always been front and center, but as the company has grown almost tenfold over the past eight years, clearly a stronger and more deliberate exercising and application of initiatives and principles has become necessary. These have become ever more intertwined and rooted in the company’s culture and everyday operations and policies.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, speaking on the subject, said “our experience has shown that what is good for the environment, neighborhood and our incredible team of hard working employees, has a direct relationship to, bearing on, and correlation with, our successful and rapid growth; also the company’s reputation and brand; and the bottom line benefits as well. This policy is a ‘win’ for everyone. 

But it doesn’t just happen. It requires thought, investment of money and time, and a good amount of imagination, planning, teamwork, determination, and follow through. 

Then comes the discipline associated with managing and maintaining enforcement of the implemented standards and procedures, thereby maximizing the benefits for all, that stem from the special programs ABC runs. These include everything from minimizing our carbon footprint and waste, recycling wherever possible, and keeping the entire plant well-organized and clean, to back-to-school programs, sponsorship of a special school for children with disabilities, scholarships, pet-neutering projects and neighborhood clean-up days.

On top of all this, we run a bus service for our close to 2,000 employees. This  saves significant exhaust and traffic pollution. Additionally, we have spent $500,000 towards the construction of a $1million bypass road that provides not just direct main highway access to the plant, but also serves the entire housing neighborhood that, over the years, has grown to encroach upon, and now abuts, much of the plant. Convenience, and safety are two further pluses from this particular expenditure.

There are numerous other large and small examples of our approach and ideology, from the implementation of the latest energy-efficiency technologies, to ensure all materials are inside, and the doors closed, before the 10pm night shift begins, to beautification and screening with the planting of trees.”

Each of our employees takes this aspect of their work life very seriously, and I personally greatly appreciate their level of commitment towards achieving and maintaining the policies, objectives and targets set, and oftentimes, they will volunteer their time for weekend events, which is both generous and marvellous.

This will continue as a key thread of our philosophy, only growing even more embedded, extensive and exacting as we move forward.”

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