ABC Completes new bypass road access to main plant

This project, a long time being planned, was finally completed this week.
The groundwork required was exceptionally difficult because the terrain was largely undefined, and parallels a steep escarpment. The new road has been built to code, with barriers installed, street lighting, and full signage.

ABC Completes new bypass road access to main plant
ABC Completes new bypass road access to main plant

Previously an unpaved gravel track-roadway, the new route, made possible by this investment, connects directly to the main road from Tijuana to Rosarito and beyond; and importantly, enables all transport to the plant to redirect from otherwise passing through the Santa Fe district of residential housing.
ABC contributed close to USD1 million, and thanks the local government for their approval and partnership and support.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, said today – “this new road has been our objective for many years, and I speak on behalf of everyone at ABC: we are grateful to the City of Tijuana for approving the ordinances and for their contribution.
Not only have we added a new road for the local population, who we so value as our neighbors, but also this new access will eliminate and relieve traffic coming to our plant from having to disturb the otherwise quiet neighborhood of Santa Fe.
Thank you all for your patience in the past and for making this possible”.

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