ABC Completes Laying Of Foundation For Its Advanced Automated Anodizing Facility

DSC_0921 (2)ABC announced in November 2014 that its commitment to add an automated anodizing plant had broken ground; during December the foundations were laid and wall construction at foundation level is underway. Some pictures show the progress; there will be further updates as the new plant is built, through to ribbon-cutting.

With a shortage of anodizing capacity within the industry, ABC’s $5 million plus investment is designed to address this shortfall. At the same time, the latest technology and automation that this plant offers will maximize the economics of anodizing offered by ABC as well as the perfection of finish quality.

DSC_0020Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, said today “ABC Aluminum‘s absolute goal is to pioneer; to offer our customers the greatest of alternatives at every stage of manufacture, and with the finest finishes; this additional investment enables ABC Aluminum to meet its goal of offering aluminum extrusions with a multiplicity of finishes, all of which equal or exceed the finest available anywhere in the world”.

DSC_0923 (2)And as I said last month; when we broke ground, as with every capital investment we have made in the past several years, for example our new SMS-Meer and Presezzi presses and ancillary equipment, the Decoral System for wood finishes, our new vertical paint plant, or Romidot for replicating shapes to CNC ready-to -manufacture drawings, and Lloyd test equipment, just to name a few, a great deal of research was undertaken to identify the optimum automated anodizing facility.

We believe that our choice, and this decision, will augment ABC’s overall manufacturing capabilities and excellence of finish; and will further supplement our ability to meet and exceed client needs. Thank you”.

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