ABC Co-Sponsors the first Mayoral Debate at the World Trade Center in Tijuana Hosted by CANACINTRA, the Chamber of Commerce for Industrial Transformation

The first Debate for candidates running to be elected as the next Mayor of Tijuana, representing their respective parties, was held today at the World Trade Center.

This well advertised and highly anticipated event was broadcast across Tijuana, Baja California, and nationally.

Here are some pictures to capture the Introduction and Welcome by Marcello Hinojosa Jimenez, the newly elected President of the Chamber, with Wadih Kuri, Chamber Vice President and President and CEO of ABC Aluminum, standing, looking on from the left. Most of the nine candidates are also shown as the debate is in progress, along with the audience of about 1000 that packed the auditorium to full capacity. Not shown, but at the rear of the hall was a wall-to-wall bank of television cameras and press photographers from Tijuana, and across Mexico.

Many supporters who could not be accommodated, displayed their party allegiance outside the building, waving flags and banners accompanied by music. Just a few of the many taking part are shown here, with Tijuana’s new World Trade Center headquarters building in the background.

Wadih Kuri, was approached afterwards and said “this has been an excellent and very successful event that took a great deal of planning. ABC Aluminum is recognized increasingly as one of the major employers in Tijuana and the region.

I, and we as a company, are pleased to support and share CANACINTRA’s hosting and sponsorship of this debate and the democratic process, that is so important to our employees and their families, and all the voting public; and ABC’s co-sponsorship of this important event is also, I believe, a tangible commitment and show of support towards the Chamber, and the valuable difference it is making across the City and the State for the benefit of all our hard-working Community.

My thanks also go to Marcello Jinohosa Jimenez, CANACINTRA’s President, for all his tremendous leadership in making this event possible and for the way in which it was so well organized”.

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