ABC Celebrates Christmas and the Holiday Season, With a Party for All the Staff, at the Rosarito Convention Center

dsc_0252Last night, Saturday, December 17th, ABC Aluminum continued its 17 year-old tradition of holding a Christmas Party to celebrate the Season, and to say Thank You! to all the Management and Staff for all their hard work and commitment throughout the Year.

Buses were laid on throughout the region of Tijuana and surrounding districts to bring many of the employees to the venue, and at 2:00PM, to return them home.

Rosarito is a municipality south of Tijuana, on the coast, and a few miles from ABC’s plant.

Recently, a brand-new Convention Center was completed, and this was the only site that could accommodate ABC’s burgeoning number of staff, that this year now tops 1250.

Many pictures to show the events of the carefully planned evening appear in the slide show below.

As guests arrived they were welcomed by Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, Moises Guzman, Chief Operating Officer, Mauricio Villarreal, Director of Manufacturing, and Senor Jorge Kuri (in the photographs is at the front of the Receiving Line).

A professional photographer was on-hand all evening until midnight to take pictures of staff against a Christmas fireplace backdrop. Via HR, the images will be delivered to those who had their photographs taken.

The evening began with a dinner that was followed by a formal welcome by Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, and also Senor Jorge Kuri.

Then the first of two prize-award events. In prior years, gifts were physically present; however, with the increased numbers, this year the awards were selected and presented differently, using new technology.

Each Department Head throughout the plant had placed names of staff to be recognized into a ‘hat’ – via use of a computer program. The appropriate Head of Department when each name was announced, and shown on a screen, then pressed a key that at random would designate the prize. And prizes ranged from 32inch to 55inch televisions, furniture, appliances, cash from $200 to $1000, and two days of additional paid-leave.

A full band with singers, and dancers on stage, provided the night-long entertainment.

At 11:30PM there was a second round of awards and prize-giving, hosted by Senor Kuri. And then the dancing continued until the early hours of the morning.

In total, the number of awardees was close to one hundred.

Wadih Kuri said during the evening, at the microphone,

“I and all your managers, thank you for your very hard work and commitment throughout the year. On behalf of all our family to yours, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year; please enjoy this evening, you have every one earned our great appreciation, 2017 is still a way-off but as a company and a team, we should all look forward to an exciting year ahead. Thank you every one”.

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