ABC Announces Purchase Of Additional Land Acres In Readiness For Future Expansion And Approval For An Upgraded, Paved, Direct Access Road To The Plant

Part of the newly acquired 300,000 acres for future expansion
Part of the newly acquired 300,000 acres for future expansion

During the fourth quarter of 2014, ABC Aluminum was able to successfully secure additional acres of land in readiness for additional expansion during 2015.

Ever conscious of the environment and ABC’s desire to be a good neighbor to homes in the vicinity, substantial costs have been incurred to securely underground a stream, provide drainage additions for rainfall runoff in the local housing area that otherwise collected, and to begin a tree planting and screening program.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, said today “We are very pleased to have secured additional land to secure ABC’s ability to expand later in 2015 and beyond. And we have been careful to ensure that wherever possible, our resources can contribute to, and benefit, the semi-rural and residential neighborhood.

So, once where there was scrubland, now there is a degree of landscaping; we have also solved some rainwater run-off problems by constructing drainage systems at the lowest points, and we have begun a tree planting program.

We also have campaigned for, and construction has now begun, a direct access road from the main highway to the plant. Whilst our trucks used the existing gravel road rather than come through the nearby housing area, the fully paved replacement will offer a greatly improved and smooth and efficient access. This will benefit not just our trucks but also our employee buses and cars as well as visitors; this will completely reduce our intrusion upon the residential area whilst affording a speedier and more direct route”.

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