ABC Announces its New Acid Etch Anodic Coating Capabilities

Benefits include superior results in beauty and consistency – whilst maximizing a ‘Green’ Solution for the Anodizing Process.

ABC Aluminum Solutions adds this further capability to recent investments over past months  that include a new factory extension and full production line.

The major expansion and restructuring of ABC’s full-service and comprehensive Finishing Plant includes the introduction of the vastly more environmentally friendly acid etch anodic coating process. The new anodizing line is now in full production.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO said today “a key goal for our talented engineering team has been to design and integrate ‘green’ solutions as we grow…and our opportunities for growth have been substantial, especially over the past two years of the 12 under current ownership.  The objective is to introduce every technological advance that offers improved production and quality of finish whilst also maximizing our protection of the environment”

“To best illustrate this statement, the acid etch process beautifies the anodizing finish by reducing to a far greater extent the microscopic flaws in the extruded metal, and the consistency of the finish is substantially higher as a result. And compared with alkaline-based anodizing that has been the tradition for this process over the past decades – much more caustic and with as much as nine times more waste residue – acid etch anodic finishing represents a huge advance for not just ABC’s clients but also the community”.

“We are very pleased that we can offer, starting in 2012, the latest and finest finishing technologies, and at the same time make such a real reduction to our environmental footprint”.

ABC Aluminum Solutions, also known as Aluminio de Baja California, is the regions’ leading provider of economical, high quality aluminum manufacturing solutions. With Corporate Headquarters in San Diego County, California, and with a state-of-the-art plant in Tijuana, ABC presents a unique and productive sourcing opportunity, ideally placed for delivery not just to Mexico, but also the United States and Canada. 80% of manufacture is exported.