ABC Aluminum wishes every customer a very Happy New Year!

ABC’s resolve: work even harder to deliver efficiency, quality and service, and continue with innovation, growth and investment in ‘13

2012 was year of great change and challenge within ABC Aluminum Solutions. For a start, management was tested to the extreme to produce extruded shapes in greater volumes and with a broader range of finishes than at any time in ABC’s history, including the past 13 years under its present ownership.

And ABC did this in parallel with a new SMS Meer 3150MT 10 inch Press going into full production in May, the installation of a Presezzi 8 inch replacement press due to be online shortly, the Bright Dip finishing plant finally becoming fully operational in March, a whole new multi-million dollar vertical high-tech paint plant that is in the process of installation, recently completed construction to house a packaging assembly line, new state-of-the-art Romidot and Lloyd test and measurement technology and equipment, and a new Tekna CNC Machining and Fabrication plant; along with other significant additions.

To coordinate all this expansion in manufacturing capabilities efficiently, ABC began embarking Q4 with the introduction of a factory-wide management monitoring system that uses barcode readers and terminals at every work-station.

The purpose behind all this commitment and endeavor is the firm belief that ABC Aluminum has loyal and highly valued customers that need this level of investment: to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ capability from ‘billet to box’. Secondly, to ensure that ABC’s Mission, Vision and Values are met and exceeded.

ABC’s Mission Statement is clear: ‘To lead in high quality manufacturing and excel in everything we do, relentless in our pursuit of optimum solutions to the needs of our valued customers’.

Said Wadih Kuri today, “the past year has been a ‘supreme challenge’, and there certainly have been moments where the understanding of our customers has been greatly appreciated, and most gratefully received.

In addition to the capital investment and manufacturing advances during the past 12 months, we have also invested in our management team, not least with the hire of Moises Guzman as Financial Controller mid-year and the announcement last month that Beatriz Ramirez joins us as Sales Director on January 14th. Both are hugely talented and driven individuals who add to our strong and capable team.

So we are well positioned to meet our customers’ expectations and the challenges that still lie ahead, and we are looking forward to delivering to our customers many production and service benefits during the coming year.

To our valued and enthusiastic and supportive customers, and to those who are about to enter into a new relationship with us, I express in the sincerest terms not only my thanks but those of all the management and staff who work their best each day. And offer best wishes from us all for every success and prosperity in 2013!”

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