ABC Aluminum Solutions’s growth continues with a Presezzi 2345 MT 8 inch circle press – very latest technology, fast and accurate.

ABC Aluminum Solutions continues to invest in the latest technological advances in order to offer clients the most efficient production and the highest quality extruded aluminum. And to meet, and exceed wherever possible, the expectations clients have, and with superior consistency and results.

With the 3200 Metric Ton SMS-Meer Press, Quench Tank, Control Systems and Kevlar run-out tables now not just fully operational in ABC’s new factory building, but nearing capacity, an existing 8 inch press is being replaced with a 2345 MT front loading technologically advanced press made by Presezzi in Italy.

Presezzi is a specialist extrusion press manufacturer distinguished by their innovative application of press technology to improve speed / productivity by as much as 50%, and with an improved material structure and overall quality of product. In addition, with this press, ABC will be able to recover and recycle more scrap material than was previously possible. Operating costs will be reduced while quality is increased.

Presezzi’s press design allows for a more consistent grain in the structure of the aluminum shape and better dimensional tolerances, which improves the machinability and finishing of ABC’s extrusion products. The press also benefits from the incorporation of Presezzi’s patented energy-saving technology. It has a high level of automation in conjunction with industry-leading control systems. Thanks to Presezzi’s research and development, and pioneering engineering, this press integrates all the features to advance ABC’s reputation for quality, performance, price and reliability, that their customers will appreciate.

Image showing an example of the Presezzi 2345 Metric Ton and 8 inch circle press

Wadih Kuri, President, said today “We are very pleased to be adding one of the most advanced presses developed by Presezzi. We have also paired the press with the latest designs for run-out tables and ancillary equipment. The complete configuration will allow ABC to gain even more quality and efficiencies in manufacture that we can pass on to our customers, including lower costs resulting in even more competitive pricing. This is a significant capital investment for ABC but it is consistent with our objectives to supply the finest product in the industry”.

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