ABC Aluminum Solutions Sponsors And Exhibits At Tijuana Innovadora 2014

[vc_row css_animation=”” row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” angled_section=”no” text_align=”left” background_image_as_pattern=”without_pattern”][vc_column][vc_column_text]logo-tjinnABC Aluminum solutions sponsors and exhibits at Tijuana Innovadora 2014; a ten day, twelve hour a day program of industry, education and culture that showcases to families, students and children all the opportunities and resources and joys that life in Tijuana, Mexico, represents.

DSC_0248Tim Evans, Marketing Director with ABC, writes a personal note about this biennial event: “As an Englishman who has lived much of his life in the U.K. including 25 years in banking in London, one of the great cosmopolitan capitals of the world, renowned for its history and museums, respected for its global prominence in commerce and the arts, and for its leadership in human endeavor, I have been fortunate to have experienced some of the best in life; and I absolutely recommend Tijuana Innovadora as one of these wonders.

ABC Aluminum supported the first Tijuana Innovadora in 2010 with a 30 by 20 booth, then again in 2012 and now once more in 2014. And I remember so well my first involvement in 2010, and how my eyes were opened to the impressive organization, resourcefulness and underlying pride shown by the many companies exhibiting, many of them international such as Sony and Samsung to name just two, the guests speaking or performing, the small army of volunteers who diligently carried out their duties, and the public of all ages visiting.

It is a great credit to Senors Bustamante and Galicot who first had the vision and the energy to create this ten day fully packed program of events. And it is remarkable that any city would take on such a challenge, even once. And this is the third occasion.

This truly is a wonderful testament to a great city and a great public of statesmen and residents; and I thought it may be interesting to include some links so that you as the reader might explore further and discover Tijuana, home to ABC Aluminum. This Expo allows a hard working population to experience how Tijuana contributes to their lives and shows them, and the many guests from the United States – invitations are extended to universities across the American South West – that they are a part of a strong and forward-looking community; it makes Tijuanans proud to be citizens and reminds them of the possibilities for a quality of life they share, and that is ever improving, and that they enjoy, and can feel proud to share with the world.

With all the difficult news these days, Tijuana Innovadora is inspiring and brings light”.


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