ABC Aluminum Solutions introduces LIBRA as a fully integrated management control system to maximize organization and efficiency in processing orders, production at every workstation, and delivery

ABC Aluminum is in the midst of the largest overhaul of its work practices since the company was bought fourteen years ago by the current owner. The project was high on the agenda during 2011 and ’12, and after researching software companies across the world, this vital assignment was awarded to EDISA in Madrid.

EDISA’s solution called LIBRA is both a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning tool wired to every workstation, centrally monitored and commanded, and a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management System.

Key features include the ability to preset the precise production sequence and specification for each element of a customer’s order, the use of barcodes with readers for recording receipt and dispatch of each order as it moves from workstation to workstation, and is powerful enough that the workflow through the entire plant can be prioritized, and tracked by the central management command center.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO, speaking said today “this has been a priority objective for a long time and the need for such a system to vastly improve management’s ability to drive the factory’s rhythm and speed reached a point last year of becoming an imperative.

We decided in October to award the contract to EDISA who impressed us greatly with their system’s superior capabilities, and the scale of the task is such that the entire factory has been going through the steps of implementation since then.

Clearly a huge investment but one that will bring significant benefits to our customers from various perspectives, speed of  processing orders, speed of manufacture, the highest quality and accuracy at every stage, all the way through to packaging and shipping, This is a ‘game-changer’ and will raise ABC Aluminum even further on the international list and map of first class manufacturers.

And the software technology and the hardware required to make LIBRA work has reached the next generation of development to perfectly coincide with the optimum time for the installation itself, following as it does, the completion of our major capital equipment installations, the new presses, the CNC center, the new vertical paint plant, our whole new test and measurement line, and more.

I would like to thank everyone at EDISA and the entire team of consultants, as well as all our employees for their untiring hard work and flexibility during this important transition, to ensure that the implementation is a total success”.

ABC Aluminum Solutions, also known as Aluminio de Baja California, is the region’s leading provider of beautiful, bespoke, high quality and economical aluminum manufacturing solutions with Global Headquarters in San Diego County, California. The company is ISO9001:2008 Certified.

With an extrusion plant housing the latest high-tech SMS-Meer and Presezzi presses, a recently added and sophisticated fabrication capability, and a multi-million dollar investment in the latest, technologically advanced, vertical painting and coating plant, on 60 acres just outside Tijuana, ABC presents a unique and productive sourcing opportunity.

ABC Aluminum is ideally placed for delivery not just to Mexico, but also the United States, Canada and overseas. 85% of manufacture is exported, and that is heading towards 90%. ABC has been nominated as Exporter of the Year by the World Trade Center in 2011 and 2012, and has been featured by the San Diego Business Journal alongside Kyocera as “Tijuana: A Success Story”.

For inquiries regarding your manufacturing projects, and ABC’s advanced capabilities, and also to discuss the best pretreatment and coating materials and technologies for your particular project, please call a member of the Engineering Management Team at 619 308 7839 or email Please also find ABC at