ABC Aluminum Solutions introduces advanced scientific techniques, taking quantifiable quality assurance to the next level

In late May 2012, ABC Aluminum took delivery of the latest measurement equipment and software from Lloyd Instruments, a subsidiary of AMETEK, Inc. and a leader in the design and development of world-class test and measurement devices for materials testing.

The Lloyd LS100 Plus pictured below, in conjunction with accessory tools and Lloyd’s proprietary NEXYGENTMPlus software, enables ABC’s trained test engineers to ensure that each manufactured batch conforms to customers’ specifications and meets international standards, such as ASTM and ISO.

Specifically, the LS100 Plus is suitable for forces up to 100 kN (22481 lbf).  In addition to routine quality control testing, the instrument has all the capabilities for complex multistage testing. It can record and archive for audit retrieval. The system also offers high-accuracy load measurement and can perform advanced data analysis.

Tests include measurements for ultimate tensile strength, tensile yield strength, and elongation measured over a specified gauge length. The versatile LS100 Plus also can measure fracture resistance and crack extension as well as test for impact energy, tear resistance, and fracture toughness. All of these tests are vital for evaluating materials that will be used in fracture-critical components.

Examples of the comprehensive measuring that ABC now offers also includes compression, flexural, peel, shear, and friction tests. ABC’s qualified test engineers are responsible for testing, certifying and maintaining an archive library so that subsequent inquiries can be met with easy retrieval of the original batch records.

“With our rapid growth and investment in new plant and equipment, we now have the capabilities to manufacture in alloys and with tempers that have ever more sophisticated applications,” comments Wadih Kuri, President and CEO.

“Clearly, it is of paramount importance that we have the resources to accurately measure the integrity of our production at every stage of manufacture. This addition to our range of test equipment, as well as our expenditure on the most up-to-date technology, is a practical example of our efforts toward achieving engineering excellence,” he adds.

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