ABC Aluminum Solutions Expands Its Manufacturing Capabilities in Tijuana.

ABC Aluminum Adds a Huge New WarehouseIncreased Production Capacity Allows Company to Meet OEM Demands in New Markets

ABC Aluminum, a leading provider of economical,
high-quality aluminum manufacturing solutions, announced today it has
added 12,000 square feet of production and warehouse capacity at its Tijuana location.
The move expands and diversifies the San Diego-based company’s manufacturing
 capabilities for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) at a time when
its competitors are under pressure.

The expanded facility allows ABC Aluminum to venture beyond extrusion, fabrication, anodizing and coatings production to meet the manufacturing requirements of OEMs in a variety of additional industries, including architectural products, industrial sales, and retail and home improvement.

“This is a very difficult time for many companies in our industry, but our
family run business has grown significantly over the last decade, and we
continue to experience year-over-year revenue increases,” said ABC
 Aluminum President Wadih Kuri.“ABC Aluminum’s enlarged manufacturing facilities
will help us meet our customers’ needs in this ever-changing market.”

ABC Aluminum operates in a duty-free region near San Diego enabling the
company to offer high-quality products at a lower cost across North America.

About ABC Aluminum Solutions

ABC Aluminum Solutions is a leading provider of economical, high-quality
aluminum manufacturing solutions. Founded more than two decades ago, ABC
Aluminum manufactures finished shapes and parts using precision cutting, CNC machining and other advanced equipment. The company also
designs precision CAD drawings based on design specifications to engineer
and produce new dies for custom extruded products. Additionally, customers
receive superior care supported by technical and engineering plant experts
throughout every project.

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