ABC Aluminum Solutions debuts at Metalcon Int’l 2013, “The One Event for Metal Construction Products, Technologies and Solutions”

DSC_0571Metalcon is the major trade show in the United States for companies involved in manufacturing metals, and metal applications for the construction industry, and for the suppliers of services in support.

The market for metal and this show has grown dramatically, notes Jeff Irwin, President of the Metal Construction Association, which sponsors the show; “METALCON has been the shining star of the metal construction industry. In its 20-year history METALCON has been the place where ideas turn into action, applications and product development germinate, and new companies begin their launch to success.

DSC_0665It has helped bring new products and companies into the market and expand awareness of metal among those who design and build structures of all kinds. That’s exactly what the MCA board of directors envisioned when they had the foresight to establish this national event to move the industry forward”

Flanked by The Aluminum Association and The Aluminum Extruders Council, ABC Aluminum attended its first show in the United States.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO said during the show “this is proving to be a great opportunity for ABC Aluminum Solutions to meet friends within the industry and to present the significant investment and advances that ABC Aluminum has made over the past few years. My thanks to Jeff Irwin and the organizers; and I entirely echo Mr. Irwin’s words and ideals. To illustrate, over the past two days, we have met potential clients from around the world including decision makers from as far afield as Abu Dhabi. This show has been a great success and we plan to be back next year, Thank you.”

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