ABC Aluminum Solutions constructs new 50,000 Sq. Ft. Fabrication Facility and adds Tekna TK 447 State-of-the-Art CNC Machining

With ABC’s strong growth continuing, and with the introduction of new presses, finishing capabilities, and control and test measurement equipment, and with efficiency processes completed, the next step forward has been to build a green-field 50,000 square foot structure to house a fabrication and machining production line; for finished, highest quality products for a full range of clients’ applications.

This major additional investment has been a response to numerous inquiries from existing and new customers across a range of industries for ABC Aluminum to be able to machine parts to high tolerance specifications ready for application and sale.

At the heart of this new plant are sophisticated CNC machines from leading state-of-the-art manufacturer Tekna of Milan, Italy. The TK 447 CNC Machining Centers are very flexible and are designed and built with the integration of the latest advances in technology, engineering and science. They are several major steps removed over more traditional machines.

Tekna is recognized for developing new solutions to solve production and productivity needs; to benefit companies such as ABC Aluminum Solutions and enable the craftsmen that ABC employs to make a strong contribution to the development of the Aluminum Fenestration Industry, by offering highest-quality products utilizing the latest specialized machining and engineering techniques.

In the past few years, the market has made a big jump forward: with the building industry no longer dominated by the use of aluminum for windows and doors but now increasingly being the material of choice for curtain walls, industrial and retail products, with numerous types of application from railing systems to door handles. Add to this, the major shift to aluminum in cars and commercial vehicles, railway, nautical, aerospace, lighting and furniture, there are many new and developing markets and needs that ABC’s continuing investments, including this substantial step forward, are designed to meet.

Tekna has been one of the very first companies to innovate and build advanced and versatile Machining Centers that especially enable extruded aluminum sections to be machined from complex drawings and specifications with fine tolerance accuracy, to enable the manufacture of beautiful finished parts to meet the broad range of applications being demanded as a result this growth in the use of aluminum.

Specifically, the TK447 machine, as pictured, is a 4-axis CNC vertical machining center equipped with an electric spindle that can rotate around the C axis; this allows for machining on three sides of a profile with just one clamping operation.

The flexibility of the TK 447 model makes it particularly suitable both for smaller production runs that necessarily require several tooling-up operations in one day, to extended production runs of larger forms. It is capable of multiple tasks including milling and drilling to exceptionally fine tolerances.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO speaking today said” these investments in the new 50,000 Sq.Ft. Fabrication Center and the addition of the latest production technology and equipment including related training programs for our skilled engineers, really takes ABC several levels forward in downstream manufacturing capability. We have been asked repeatedly for such expertise to be available, and now, before the end of 2012, we are extremely pleased to be able to meet this growing demand for our value-added services”.

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