ABC Aluminum Solutions Celebrates with Tijuana; a Special Evening of Hospitality and Team-Building: ‘Touch and Go’ but the Xolos make the Playoffs!

A view from ABC’s Box at the Game
A view from ABC’s Box at the Game

Soccer still manages to be a sport that conjures magic and excitement and is a catalyst for bringing individuals with disparate backgrounds and interests together as one; everyone rooting for the team, together, forgetting any and all other concerns…

Friday night, April 25th, at the stadium in Tijuana was just such a moment. ABC hosted the first of a new series of occasions where clients and friends and key personnel in the company have an opportunity to come together and just simply enjoy a quiet and friendly dinner and share time and company and good conversation, to altogether create a special occasion, at the same time forgetting some of the everyday pressures and to relax and get to know each other better.

For those readers interested to learn more about the Xolos and their result on Friday, and how the other finalists’ numbers needed to fall into place to favor their opportunity to go through to the Playoffs, and their next challenges, here is a link:

Wadih Kuri, ABC’s President and CEO said today “this evening was somewhat impromptu and the client and the client’s guests all happen to play soccer for the Scripps Ranch team in San Diego, so the event was a perfect opportunity for us all; especially because there was so much excitement about the importance for the Xolos.

And to include the directors and key staff together to experience the game and enjoy a special evening combined to make the entire evening a most enjoyable success.

And occasional events of this nature that are geared towards client interests are a goal we want to work towards this year and next; to recreate similar special moments, where ABC’s key performers can be thanked and have the opportunity to meet with each other and with our clients and their special guests, to spend quality time together in an informal and relaxed setting.

A great time was had by all! Thank you”

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