ABC Aluminum has begun stocking ABC Architectural’s new San Diego warehouse facility with ABC’s proprietary curtain wall, storefront, and window and door systems – catalog is due late march

ABC Architectural’s 50,000 sq. ft. offices, showroom and warehousing facility was completed in late 2014. Work to fully shelve the warehouse was completed in mid-February, and now deliveries of the first stocks of components, extruded and coated at ABC’s main plant in Tijuana, have commenced.

The full catalog of storefront, window and door designs, the drawings showing how to assemble, and lists of the parts that will also be available at the Trade Street warehouse to complete each structure, will be online by the end of March at

Contractors and glazers will have the opportunity to benefit from a supplier of high quality designs and materials and expertise to meet most or all of their requirements. The extrusions and components to comprise everything required for their installation needs will be available to order online, AND on a ‘will-call’ basis.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO of ABC Aluminum and ABC Architectural said today, “ABC looks forward to becoming very well known within the local region that includes San Diego and Riverside Counties, by contractors and glazers alike, as a provider of convenience for high quality products at competitive prices.

The comprehensive catalog of designs and parts, including the hardware, even seals and other materials to successfully complete a job, simply everything needed to complete an installation with one-stop availability and service, will be available towards the end of March.

By that time, our rigorous testing and examination, and re-examination, of each of our proprietary designs and systems, dies and tolerances to ensure maximum performance, for curtain wall, storefront, and window and door systems, will have been completed.

With extrusions supplied from our plant in Tijuana, quality and prices will be excellent, and with a lifetime of glazing and installation experience on hand, contractors and glazers will have access to expertise second-to-none.

ABC Architectural’s product range has the backing of a 15 year established, $80million-plus revenue, highly regarded manufacturer of aluminum extrusions, with all the confidence these factors instill, but with the additional benefit that ABC Architectural, managed by Victor Mercado, and whose family is closely involved, will have the feel of a family-owned business; the best of both worlds”.

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