ABC Aluminum Announces The Appointment Of One Of Today’s Foremost Experts, And Most Successful Leaders In Fortune 100 Category Manufacturing, To Vice President Of Operations, In Charge Of Every Aspect Of ABC’s Production, Quality Control, and Delivery


Wadih Kuri, President and CEO said today “over these past several years, we have been very fortunate to attract many talented employees, and these include directors and managers who have propelled ABC to become a $100 million revenue company with over 1000 staff; and this includes our core of very dedicated employees, all of whom work at their hardest every day.

Rosa Ruvalcaba has chosen to accept this role as Vice President of Operations because she recognizes all our commitment, investment, and progress; and having been in major leadership roles at Pepsico/Frito-Lay, and at Plantronics’s largest plant, in charge of over 1300 employees, sees that she has an opportunity to leverage every aspect of her lifetime of experience towards still further improving ABC Aluminum’s business and performance.

Strategically, 2016 has been designated – after $30 million in capital expenditure over the past few years for three new state-of-the-art presses to add to our original two, an additional vertical powder coating plant, a bright dip capability, Decoral for beautiful wood and other decorative finishes, and one of the world’s most advanced automated anodizing lines, plus a whole range of other significant investments, and the land and buildings to house these – as the year to leverage all these resources to focus upon maximizing our manufacturing capabilities, and our quality, and on-time delivery.

Rosa brings to ABC many years of exceptional education, career progression, and achievements; as Head of Quality Control (Pepsico/Frito-Lay) and Head of Manufacturing (Plantronics); and is looking forward to making a major contribution in furthering ABC’s success, especially with regard to meeting all our customers’ needs and expectations. These include production quality, and our ability to meet or exceed delivery commitments.

And in addition to her degree in engineering, and her 30-plus years of highly successful hands-on manufacturing leadership, Rosa has achieved many awards and certifications from highly respected management schools in the United States, and Mexico, just one of which is from MIT: Creating High Velocity Organizations.

Rosa takes an especial interest in not just team leadership, process improvement, product line expansion and new product delivery, but also in how to maximize employee motivation and advancement through the application of a challenging, yet common sense and thoughtful approach to management.

I am very pleased to welcome Rosa, and I know that she will positively influence the lives of all our team, and ABC’s effectiveness for the benefit of our greatly appreciated customers.

Rosa, Welcome, Thank You, and I wish you every success”

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