ABC Aluminum adds industry-leading inspection technology with Romidot’s newVision H500 optical system for extreme accuracy

ABC Aluminum Solutions has a goal that is uncompromising. To invest in the latest technological advances in order to offer clients the most efficient production and the highest quality extruded aluminum. And to meet, and exceed wherever possible, the expectations clients have, and with superior consistency and results.

Images showing samples being measured by the Romidot Vision H500

Romidot  is the world’s pioneer in the development of measurement equipment that uses advances in high definition cameras and precision optics, all controlled by their bespoke software. ABC has just invested in, and begun the operation of, Romidot’s new ultra accurate, high resolution profile measurement system.

The Romidot Vision H500 uses a high definition video camera with a tele-centric optical lens that provides accurate, distortion free images. Several images taken at short intervals are combined to provide the complete image of any cross-section regardless of size. The combined image is accurate to 10 micro-meters.

The Vision H500’s advanced illumination allows maximum flexibility with the inspected object’s material, color and even multi-color (co-extruded profiles).

Romidot’s new Vision H500 High Definition Optical Measurement Unit
The technology is now in use by ABC’s Quality Control and Inspection Department. The Romidot Vision H500 optical system guarantees like-for-like profile accuracy, and color match. It will even analyze parts having more than one color. Romidot’s patented software allows for data to be seen at each stage of production and throughout the plant. And the data is archived.

Wadih Kuri, President and CEO said this week “ABC has always worked for accuracy in every measurable way, but the Romidot technology allows us to manufacture product that is assured of greater accuracy than can be detected with the naked eye, and is quantifiable. We are moving beyond our competitors” .

ABC Aluminum Solutions, also known as Aluminio de Baja California, is the region’s leading provider of economical, high quality aluminum manufacturing solutions. With Corporate Headquarters in San Diego County, California, and with a state-of-the-art plant in Tijuana, ABC presents a unique and productive sourcing opportunity, ideally placed for delivery not just to Mexico, but also the United States, Canada and overseas. 85% of manufacture is exported.

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