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ABC Announces Talent Fest 2020

ABC Announces Talent Fest 2020

Available to all employees to participate, Talent Fest this fall promises to be even bigger and better than its pioneering 2019 debut.

There will be exhibitions in various art forms including paintings and photography. These will be judged with prizes presented to the winners in each category.

And also acts on stage to showcase every conceivable talent residing within ABC, from dramatic playlets and sketches, magic, juggling, and various forms of dance and musicianship. Again, with prizes awarded by a panel of suitably qualified judges.

Assistance with costume and makeup application, free professional photography to keep as souvenirs, and more: everything to enhance the enjoyment of the performers, and the audience.

The launch of this idea twelve months ago proved to be a surprising hit with everyone, and the extent and versatility of the otherwise hidden talents possessed by a surprising number of the employees would have remained completely unknown and unrecognized without it.

Some adjustments have been made with the logistics, commensurate with ABC’s rigorous approach toward protecting each and every employee during the pandemic, whilst still maximizing the enjoyment for all.

Complimentary refreshments will be provided, and as previously it will take place during work hours. If as successful as last year, this annual show and competition is likely to become a tradition that will be an opener for setting off the holiday season with a bang! and a huge Cheer!!