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ABC’s Latest Expansion Construction Almost Complete

ABC’s Latest Expansion Construction Almost Complete

ABC has spent a considerable part of the winter months constructing in excess of 200,000 square feet of buildings, roofing for weather protection between adjoining structures, new and existing, together with necessary access paving.

Also, all necessary heavy-duty energy supply, security, and required provision of a complex floor plan laid out in readiness for the precise and complex installation requirements of the new press and casting house/remelt furnace.

The between-building roofing serves to not just protect from the elements, but also pull all the existing and new buildings together, so that they form a cohesive and integral overall structure that has many benefits for employee welfare, and efficiency and ease of operation.

On the close to 90 acres ABC owns for the location of its principal plant, Buildings H and I identified here, represent the ninth and tenth large 50,000 to 100,000 square foot housings used in primary manufacturing operations.

In addition, ABC leases additional premises nearby, including a 90,000 sq.ft production and assembly plant for its growing curtain wall, and architectural-related business activities, and other significantly-sized spaces for warehousing.